MOUTH collects and shares the stories of Black Americans throughout Texas history.
Blacks manned the earliest explorations to the first settlements and have influenced every Texas history era thereafter.
MOUTH stories tell the immense contributions Black Americans have made to the development of Texas.

We tell stories for inspiration. for awareness. for identity. for humility. for you.



RT @EPConservancy: #BlackHistoryEveryday This highlight is sponsored by @AirportsHouston. Judson Robinson, Jr. was the first Black person…
Remnants of Frost Town / Houston Historic Town uncovered
John Webber and wife, Silvia Hector Border wall disturbs peace at centuries-old cemetery in South Texas, descendant…
Discover the countless contributions Black Texans made to the state of Texas, championing its causes, developing it…


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Charles Atherton - Educator

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Pedro "El Maestro" Huízar
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The Red Book of Houston - 1915
sketch of Southern Plantation, 1860
Sylvia "Aunt Puss" Hector

MOUTH Trails connects knowledge, history, and community in ways enhanced by the present, but characteristic of the past.

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First Trail Stop - The Sugar Land 95


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