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What is MOUTH Trails?

MOUTH Trails tracks events in Texas history through the storytelling style that communities have embraced for centuries.
Community members work together to compile records, landmarks, newspaper articles, events, popular history, and folktales.
The MOUTH Trails Project will record the collected research to share with other users.
Through our combined efforts, we can create a tremendous community-based Trail of Black Texas history.

First Trail Stop - The Sugar Land 95

The Bullhead Camp Cemetery

In 2018, during the construction of a new Fort Bend ISD facility, workers discovered 94 men and 1 woman in an unmarked grave. These people have come to be known as the "Sugar Land 95".  They were of African descent and most confirmed as inmates of the Bullhead Convict Labor Camp, which operated from 1879 - 1909.  The camp was part of a forced labor system to furnish a low-cost workforce after the legal end of African American slavery.
Researchers have identified and shared some of the stories of these people.  Their heavily scarred bodies show evidence of overwork and ill-treatment.  More than half of the men died within a year of being at the camp.  They were a median age of 24.