Eras of Texas History

In history, an era defines a span of time by its events, challenges, or characteristics.
MOUTH focuses on eras before the early twentieth century.

Native Americans established the first known communities, orders, and traditions in the land that would later be known as Texas.
Subsequent eras include the activities of Europeans and people of African descent that settled on these lands.
Early on, Texas residents faced many of the same types of challenges common to frontier living.
However, as political climates changed, the Black Texas experience would dramatically differ from that of others.
Throughout history, Black Texans made countless contributions to the state of Texas, championing its causes, developing its wealth, and enhancing its culture while, at times, asserting their rights and value as people in the most horrendous circumstances.

Indigenous Peoples of Texas

1519 - 1689

Age of Contact

1689 - 1821

Spanish Colonial

1689 - 1821

1821 - 1836

Mexican National

1835 - 1836 and 1836 - 1845

Revolution and Republic

1835 - 1836 and 1836 - 1845

1845 - 1861

Early Statehood

1861 - 1865 and 1865 - 1874

Civil War and Reconstruction

1861 - 1865 and 1865 - 1874

1874 -

The Next 100+ Years

Reform; Cotton, Cattle and Railroads; Progressives; Age of Oil; The Great Depression, World War I and II; Civil Rights and beyond.