Civil War

Causes of Contention

The abolitionist sentiment that spread across much of the Northern portion of the United States against the South's profitable enslavement system induced hysteria across the South.
This exhibit documents the transformations that solidified Texas as a part of the US South and, eventually, the Confederacy.
This exhibit will document the interdependence of the North and the South, both benefitting from the wealth created from slavery.
This exhibit will examine the causes of the Civil War, including the fight over the right to continue slavery.
This exhibit will show the experiences and roles of Blacks in Texas during the Civil War.
The abolition of slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation would not officially end slavery in the United States. The dissolution of slaveholding plantations and systems would come years after at different times throughout the state.
The Civil War continued for years and would destroy entire cities, families, and forcibly redirect state governments.