Spanish Colonial

Settlement Across Texas Lands

Spanish Texas began with the settlement of the Texas lands among the Native peoples.
They brought livestock, their religion and customs, and other beliefs to the land.
This exhibit will explore the Spanish settlement across Texas and the development of missions, rancheros, and presidios.
This exhibit will discuss the changing lives and conditions of Native populations of Texas.
This exhibit will highlight the settlements that included the Blacks of early Texas.
This exhibit will discuss the complicated class system that arose.
Many Blacks who lived in Spanish Texas were identified as Spaniards, spoke Spanish, intermarried, and lived among other races. Throughout the Spanish kingdom, some held office, owned property, and lived freely.
This exhibit will discuss Black and Native American relationships.
This exhibit will document the changing sentiment toward Blacks and other non-Anglo persons in Texas.
This exhibit will explore the challenges the Spanish faced to populate its Texas kingdom and the attempted solutions.